Monthly Archives: March 2016

Today, everything else on my To-Do list has been downgraded to mañana. I’ve been sitting here for hours filling in gaps in my knowledge. I can hear you snickering “That’s a lost cause!” Right. I’m not perfect, but parts of me are excellent, and don’t you forget it! Apologies to the person who thought of or wrote that snappy answer. I just heard it somewhere and am passing it on. Because it’s true.

Anyway…I’ve been mastering (?) what third-graders can probably already do on the computer—working with photos. I’m still far from expert, but, while I reign supreme at some things, I’m making a princely (princessly?) effort at several others.

One thing that keeps me as Jill-of-all-trades and mistress of none is my insatiable curiosity about everything and the tendency to go where that curiosity leads me. Even in the middle of a writing project. Oh, I just remembered I have an April deadline on three projects. Thank you, long-suffering guardian angel for the reminder. But it’s still March, right?

I ask that because February came in like a tornado and left like a…tornado. (Sorry. There isn’t a better similie.) Family spent the better part of the month here celebrating our 50th Anniversary Year, along with other members of our community who have reached the Golden mark. Our social committee puts on a glitzy gala complete with retaking of vows and dinner dance. So, since then we’ve been putting our lives back together…sort of. Some of the pieces don’t quite fit yet—like regular exercise—but we’re working on it. From time to time.

So where is this all going in a dialogue blog? You’ve been listening to me, right? One: I learned something today. Two: I have photos to share. Three: Does this not sound like natural speech? Gotcha! This is dialogue in print.

Now, photos:


“Some Enchanted evening…”


Last Chance! We’re still OK with this, right?



Todd survives dancing with Aunt Gini!


Dinner at DaVinci’s!