Monthly Archives: October 2015


…And I could use different words, but nice sources would never print them.

Today, following the requisite doctor visits and errands, I came home to a frustrated husband at the computer. He needed some reprints, but the printer didn’t seem to want to cooperate. I explained that I would try intervention, and speak to the printer directly. Unlike Walter, I never try to get the printer to cooperate via the computer. Metaphorically speaking, the Apple computer is a cat, my Epson Workforce printer is a dog. They sometimes have issues that require mediation. My husband is a genius at placating the cat, I claim title for the most successes with coddling the dog into submission.

Dog must be having a really bad day. My husband reported that Dog refused to recognize the black cartridge as his. I questioned the creature’s bias, because he’d gotten along smashingly with the black cartridge for some weeks now, and Blackie was still full of inky energy and raring to go. With reluctance, I exchanged black 1 for black 2, which placated Dog for a while, but then he balked again.

This time he railed against magenta, yellow, and cyan. I lectured him on the evils of prejudice and explained fair play. In our house, we accept them all: black, red, yellow or…blue. I scooped up all three rejected hues, cleaned heads, scoured them for bugs and did muzzle–er–nozzle checks…several times over. Dog still refused to cooperate. Despite accepting them into his nest, he refused to let them show their colors.

I did a few more tests and a bit more research. Red, Yellow and Blue were born in 2014. Now, near the end of 2015, they are reaching a dog’s age for cartridge longevity. Perhaps their youthful get-up-and-go has got up and gone. Perhaps I need a trip to the hallowed ground at Staples to commune with a higher source for inspiration…and some new cartridges.

Great idea! There’s a Total Wine shop nearby with a super selection of wines for tasting, and some won-n-n-derful take-home Pinto Grigios. We’ll whip that dog-gone printer into shape yet!