Monthly Archives: September 2015

Hello out there…Yes, YOU! Don’t try to hide. Have you noticed the streets and neighborhoods here in Florida are a bit quieter? Perhaps you’re not stumbling over Munchkins in the mall? Has “Marco Polo” left for home and you find your fifty-five plus community pool eerily quiet? Now that’s a worry. You might actually have no excuse now for avoiding pool exercises. Do you fear the sudden silence might be the neighborhood’s apprehension that Jason may be lurking on the corner of Elm Street? Fear not, Jason stops by in October.

You’re simply detoxing from Summeritis and entering the healing phase of Septemberitis, not to be confused with Arthur Itis, Burr Sitis, or any of their ilk. Let’s hope they fled along with the really nasty, freaky weather changes we’ve had this (I’ll spell it) S-U-M-M-E-R! Sh-h-h-h. Not out loud! Its cousin might whoop on back our way swinging a tomahawk well into the end of October.

Right about now you may be finding your house feels a bit roomier. That’s a normal phenomenon. Perhaps you’re jolted to find your refrigerator is still full of food at the end of the week? Not to worry. You’re not bulimic. And I’ll bet your bathroom door is minus the Take A Number file! Grab your favorite magazine and an extra roll of toilette tissue and enjoy a leisurely—um—meditation time. Ah, sweet September!

But, while sweet September sends the kiddies back to school, the Yankees back to work or to enjoy their upcoming changes of seasons…heh, heh, heh…YOU have to shape up, too. No, not just fighting the Battle of the Bulge (cliché, yes, but such a GOOD one). I’m talking the muscle above your eyes and under your hair…or where hair used to be.

It’s time to look into a new hobby, develop a new skill, check into your local colleges for continuing education courses, volunteer somewhere, and take advantage of community activities. And it is time for writers revitalized by summer experiences to get it all into a poem, short story, screenplay, article, or a best-seller novel.