Oh, do I need this seminar! I’m taking phone calls for my husband, expecting company, trying to make the house presentable, deciding on a menu, and…oh, yes…trying to find time to write? Destress Concoction? Give me a double, straight up. No rocks. Life has enough of them.

Many in Florida’s Treasure Coast area know Leona Bodie from the Palm City Word Weavers group, and as a former Florida Writers Association officer. She’s a successful published author and quite willing to share her knowledge. In view of all of the above going on, I hope she’ll forgive me for a less-than-glowing tribute. Google her. You’ll be amazed.

Here’s the information she asked me to share about her upcoming FREE seminar:

I’m sending information about a free, local seminar on writing and de-stressing your blog readers and Treasure Coast Writers Group members may be interested in. For your convenience, I’ve included more details below. Anything you can do to help spread the word will be greatly appreciated. …Please feel free to share this email with your friends and others who may be interested.

When:                       Saturday, August 8th, 1-4 PM

Where:                      Peter & Julie Cummings Library – Palm City, Florida

What:                        Write Yourself Right Out of Stress into a Bestseller

Discover why writing therapy works with author and consultant Leona Bodie. Learn how to develop the understanding, commitment and skills to de-stress and craft a winning novel. Creative therapy is an effective way to write a bestseller and get stress-relief from writing at the same time. We will discuss barriers and facilitators and identify tips for crafting your fiction or non-fiction book. This interactive workshop features handouts and opportunity to ask questions.

Should you have any questions about the seminar, please contact Carolyn Smith – (772) 288-2551   csmith@martin.fl.us  Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you soon!


Thanks everyone…and stay tuned!