Monthly Archives: April 2015

Some writers isolate themselves in little cabins on lovely mountain lakes, and in blissful hibernation write to their heart’s content. My recent hibernation hasn’t been like that at all. Being there for my husband as he underwent knee replacement surgery and the few hiccups in the recovery process that continues, means that we get to spend more time together. He was, is, and always will be, my first priority.

Much of the first week of seeing to his comfort has given way to mutual cabin fever. Between tending his needs, doctor visits and the comings and goings of nurse and therapist, I watched the chores pile up around me. There seemed not one spot in my line of sight that didn’t wave a mental white flag that screamed, “Yoo-hoo! I’m still here waiting for you.” That’s when I asked, “From whence cometh MY help? There aren’t any hills in Florida to look to!” And writing? Had my computer been the family dog, it would have starved to death, completely unnoticed. That’s when I got to thinking something was wrong with me. I couldn’t do everything. I had an image of me that was based on my beliefs and the beliefs and accomplishments of others.

The I-can-do-it-all types blog about how they’ve come back from death’s door to write a book (or two) a year, have six kids, three husbands, two dogs, four cats and a turtle; and they never miss a Little League game, music or ballet lesson. While typing all this info, they are kicking the oven door shut on a five-course dinner for seven guests arriving in an hour. And they are full of condescending innuendoes that anyone who puts his mind to it, should be able to do the same.

That’s when I said, “You’re right. You can’t do it all. You’re not Penelope Perfect. You are the perfect You. Take a few deep breaths, count your blessings, and give this situation into Divine hands.” Which I did. And do. Often. With many situations. When you can let go of your need for perfection, you can forgive the imperfections in others. And I do. Often.

See, it all worked out. It may be April 29th, but it’s still April, and my post is out!

So, do I hear an AMEN on that?