Monthly Archives: January 2015

Has anyone noticed that planning, preparation and feasting (including leftovers) follow in quick succession from mid-November through mid-January?

If you are the broadly-defined normal American family woman, congratulations on having lived through the annual back-to-back-to-back Thanksgiving, (insert December holiday), and New Year’s Eve shopping, planning, cooking, baking, serving, cleaning, partying stress. And you’re probably feeling as bloated as that last sentence, as you bail out of the holiday season and land with a five-pound heavier thump than you would have before the craziness.

Most men? Eh – not so much. From my observation, family dinners and parties don’t stress them. Their sole responsibilities are to have nonstop football games on TV, keep the drinks flowing, and eat right along with the guests.

Now that my rationalizations have set you up for sympathy, here comes the confession. During this period my writing consisted of notes in Thanksgiving and Christmas cards, and emails for my husband’s endeavors as well as my own. My reading was very nearly limited to replies from the same, plus a poetry book I reached up and plucked from the top of my Must Read pile. And two back copies of The Week magazine. I now know all that went on in the world. . .in October.

So here are the resolutions:
1) Beginning today, I’ll gobble up words and ideas and spit them out in logical strings of brilliant creative writing!
2) I will read more and eat less.
3) I will mark my calendar as a reminder to book fine restaurants for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Or a cruise. A cruise would be nice. Cruises would be correct grammar. . .but a two-month cruise to cover the whole time? Now that’s creative thinking!
4) Write a story about a two-month cruise. (That’s the Nanny-Nanny-No-Mo-Cookin’ Challenge!)