Monthly Archives: October 2014

…that life had a way of getting in the way of dreams, plans, and good intentions.
I should have taken the hint whenever troubles rained down, that every day was NOT going to be sunny. However, once a trial passed, I thought—like Jennifer in my novel,Beyond Deja Vu—that one had the right to cry “Enough!” and that somebody up there would listen and go pick on someone else. Pretty Pollyanna-ish way of seeing how the universe operates, I guess.

As I gained years, education, and common sense, I began to think of the universal spirit as a sea turtle. An Olive Ridley. That sounds like a Mother of the Universe, doesn’t it?

One day, eons ago, Olive, gravid with eggs, swam her way through the universe and landed on the sandy shore of the Milky Way. It sounded like a good place to leave babies to hatch, and so, from the Sea of Infinity, she struggled up the beach and laid a crop of eggs in a safe spot. She gave them names before she left: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and—though he was awfully small, with little chance of survival—Pluto. Olive then shoveled the sands of time over her spawn, certain they carried in their DNA, everything needed for life, and disappeared into the Sea of Infinity.

Well, sure, that might not be everyone’s definition of “In the beginning,” but that, and man’s greed and stupidity help me accept the natural and geo-political state of the world. Had I been Mama Ridley, I would have checked my suitor’s credentials before inviting him into my sandy bed. He certainly had some nasty traits. I guess we have Mama Ridley to thank that love, peace, and concern for the well-being of all has survived in the DNA of at least half of what became humans. You know the others: sociopaths, murderers, abusers, oligarchs, plutocrats, theocrats and politicians.

No, I don’t have to name names. If your brain hasn’t remained reptilian like theirs, you know who they are.