Monthly Archives: February 2014

I’ve been frazzled in the frenetic pace of getting out Beyond Deja Vu.

I’ve worked on this drag-and-drop format, and it’s not doing what I want it to. Anyway…while I recuperate, here’s…

Chapter One:

The driver knew he shouldn’t spy on his passengers through the limousine’s rearview mirror, but since New Year’s Eve his life had been as dull as a butter knife, and he welcomed a little vicarious excitement. He watched as Summers leaned across the crystal spire ahand along her slim thigh.

A blaze of light and a deafening roar startled the driver. “No! Oh, oh, God…” A blistering-white flash ended his plea.

Gut-wrenching screams faded as the thunderous impact ripped and collapsed metal. Crumbling glass diminished to eerie silence followed by muffled, angry shouts, and curses nearby.

Stunned, her head humming, Jennifer Jenssen lay pinned beneath Don Summers in the rear seat. Outside the window, a blur of light came into focus. Beside the vehicle, two angels hovered. One spread its wings, enfolded the driver’s spirit and held him close as they ascended heavenward.

Keening through the night, sinister sirens waned as Jennifer faded into unconsciousness.