Monthly Archives: October 2013

What I’ve been through recently reminded me of the last book I read.

I don’t usually read ‘guy stuff’ like Mitchell Zuckoff’s Frozen in Time, but having a husband in the Coast Guard Auxiliary gave me a nudge. Shove is perhaps more accurate. For those who haven’t read it, Zuckoff relates the WWII tale of a U.S. cargo plane that crashed into the Greenland ice cap on November 5, 1942. Four days later, a B-17 on a rescue mission, lost in an ice storm, also crashed. Zuckoff weaves into the tale, the present day joint efforts of a private group and the U.S. Coast Guard to retrieve any remains of those who perished.

Though I didn’t fight for 148 days to stay alive in the broken tail section of a B-17, and in Florida there are no deadly Arctic winters and vicious blizzards, I felt similar isolation and despair with my technical problems. Which brings me to why you haven’t heard from me. Technical problems. And it’s still October, right? So yea for us, I’m getting my October post in. Whoo-hoo!

My husband announced plans to leave for a week-long conference. My silent response was, “Oh, crap!” ESP told me storm clouds were gathering with ill winds of electronic and technological zaps beyond my ken to fix. My predictions are infallible in such matters. He was no sooner out the door than the computer crashed, the porch TV blew, and the toaster, with a frightening metallic grumble, said that it, too, quit. If I were not a writer, the toaster probably would have been the worst loss, but as I am, it wasn’t.

There followed days of dispute between the computer service and the Internet provider as to the fixes that weren’t working despite our being required to pay for same. My husband took up the battle on his return, and we are finally back in business.

So, how does this relate to writing? You know how we keep telling you to write EVERY day? Do it! When life happens and you can’t concentrate on the world’s next great novel, write about what’s keeping you from writing!  Add a little humor, and you’ve got a story!