Monthly Archives: August 2013


I’ve been hunting the Internet Jungle for websites for writers, and some of these have been passed on to me from other writers. Hope these help!

1) dailywriting tips.com:
Each day this free newsletter gives tips on grammar, punctuation, lists of idioms, synonyms, and more.

2) wordsmsith.org:
Sign up for free A.Word.A.Day message that gives you the meaning, etymology, usage of a word. Also has audio to hear the word pronounced.

3) writing-world.com:
Billed as “A World of Writing information – For Writers Around the World,” It truly is a fantastic site with a super archive.

4) writersdigest.com:
Every writer’s Bible online! Articles, blogs, competitions, education, and more. Okay, by now you’re saying “Do I really need more?” Well, yes! Because I went to the trouble to find them for you!

5) grammarbook.com:
The free site begun by author Jane Strauss, now deceased, gives simple grammar explanations followed by a short quiz to anchor the concept in memory.

6) chompchomp.com:
While on the subject of grammar, here you can get a few bytes of the subject in advice and interactive format.

7) poetryfoundation.org:
I love this place. Sign up for their free poem-a-day. Sometimes I save opening this email until I need a break in my writing. Most works I love, others–eh–not so much. Like when it’s shaped and reads like a paragraph pulled from a page of a book. (Okay, poetry elitists, no letters, please. Some people like baseball, some like football. There’s room for all of us in the world)

8) novel-writing-help.com:
Helpful site by Harvey Chapman, a Brit. It covers getting started, planning and writing a novel, and lists writing resources. He seemed to speak to me: “…remember that most people out there wouldn’t have the guts or the stamina to attempt what you are attempting. …and you should feel immensely proud about whatever you have achieved today.” Thanks, Harvey! We all need to hear that.

9) freelancewriting.com:
If freelancing is your aim, this site has everything: hundreds of video tutorials, articles, and more. Give it a look.

10) scbwi.org:
If you are, or think you’d like to write for children, check into the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.