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I write reminders to myself every day…or nothing would get done. It’s remarkably satisfying to cross off something on the To Do list…even if it’s ‘Make To Do list’. To Do today was to work on this next post, which I hope I can cross off the list before there are more life’s little interruptions.

As teacher, librarian, logophile, and beginning writer, I had a tendency to have my characters use words I loved. This didn’t work too well when the character was a snarky street punk with a third-grade vocabulary!

Below are some characters from Déjà Vu Dream. The story is about Jennifer, a young woman whose husband dies and whose former fiancé, CJ Wittington, may be involved. A close relationship with Don Summers, her financial advisor, leads to her kidnapping and a breakup of his marriage to Sarah. Can you match each character with his dialogue? Have fun!

1 “No, man… really lighten their load. You know, big time…”

2 “Look son, you marry breeding stock with a pedigree a mile long, and a bank account to match…”

3 “Bill’s dead because of me. My pride. My denial. I refused to acknowledge a message coming through a dream.”

4 “Don’t worry about anything. I’ll handle…your…expenses…. You won’t be alone.”

5 “Hey, adult witnesses get confused. And these kids? They couldn’t describe an orange. …Take me instead.”

6 “Forgive my behavior. I just wanted you to know how I feel. I lost you once….”

7 “What you want is to marry Jennifer. And that will never happen. I will see to it as long as I live.”

A) Jennifer’s alter ego
B) Sarah Summers
C) Jennifer Jenssen
D) CJ Wittington (former fiancé)
E) Clarence Wittington (CJ’s father)
F) Don Summers
G) Brad Bradshaw (kidnapper)